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In 1947, Tung Lung Hsu was born in Pingtung, Taiwan. For Tung Lung Hsu, the idea of becoming an artist was as natural as something inborn in his blood. He has dedicated over 40 years in that, not for success or to accomplish anything, but for love, which portrays his whole life. He assimilates art nutrients from the temple culture. He gets training in both jade carving factory,ceramic factory and academy of fine arts. He constantly breaks his own habits and rigid patterns of creation. He abandons painting tools that he is familiar with, using rice spoon, kitchen knife instead. He even does sculptures without sculpting or carving, just slaming mud lumps into shapes and combining them. To this day, to use his own words, painting and sculpture have fully blended with each other and become one for him. Painting is the extention of sculpture in space, and sculpture is the further creation of painting.

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